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We are often told by both our international partners and our product suppliers in New Zealand that it is the ATS Pacific people who make us a truly great company to work with.

It is this friendly and warm rapport that our people quickly establish with our partners that makes the difference.

Located in Auckland, the most popular gateway city in New Zealand, we employ over 45 people. All of our senior divisional managers are industry career professionals. Many of them have well over 10 years with the company and in some cases, over 15 years.

Many of hese same people have lived and worked in the travel industry overseas doing exactly what our partners do i.e. organising travel programs to New Zealand, and the South Pacific. Therefore we know exactly the processes, the pit-falls and just what it takes to organise and sell travel to New Zealand in many of our major source markets. This gives us a unique competitive advantage that very few other companies can match.

The ATS Pacific people deliver responsiveness and creativity that is recognised as amongst the best in our industry. 

Our departments operate by type of business activity or by region.

The FIT, Groups, Conference and Incentive, and Cruise Departments cover all areas of the world except for Asia, India and Japan. These regions are handled by our Asia and Japan departments.

In all departments we have staff who come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and speak many different languages. This not only makes ATS Pacific a great place to work but enables us to offer excellent service; we know New Zealand well and we understand our clients' needs.

  • Stuart Neels, Group General Manager
  • Rochelle Swanson, General Manager Operations
  • Caitlin Roberts, Product Manager

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